Jealousy Trap

Jealousy Trap


Her instinctive emotions of jealousy arose often-entrapping feelings of constant unworthiness in her soul. She did not believe she could retain affection, attention, and respect on her own merit, even though it appeared she had it all. She thrived on controlling her surroundings, yet she lacked self-confidence causing constriction in relationships. These constraints and emotions were damaging her relations instead of growing, nourishing, and protecting them.

Her jealousy spewed out in competitive actions, quite gossip, and abrupt thoughtless comments, which drove many away. She thought often: “She has more than me; She is prettier and skinner than me; She is more likable than me; Her husband is more spiritual than mine; her child is more talented than mine.” These accusations were nestled in insecurity, mistrust, lies, and fear — a bundle of brokenness. She feared never being loved for her heart alone so she compared and manipulated. Her unrealistic comparisons paralyzed her heart from loving herself, loving her life, and truly loving others. Her constant uncontrolled jealousy festered beneath the surface of every relationship with a destructive manner. The enemy loved her struggle. It was a perfect tool to vandalize her heart. She knew it was wrong yet she felt bound in this jealousy trap.

What could she do?

Jealousy is intolerance toward someone believed to enjoy an advantage. It is an attitude or feeling with an intense interest for another’s honor or prosperity. Jealousy occurs when we are afraid someone is going to become equal or even superior to us. This kind of jealousy is a sin. Jealousy can be fervently attached to almost anything worth having; material possessions, social status, job positions, spiritual evolvement, physical talents, character traits, special skills, and relationships. The jealousy trap is a relationship killer.

Do you constantly feel the need to compete, compare, and win?

Do feelings of jealousy fester within then rise up un-expectantly?

Do you ever struggle to retain feelings of self-worth and self-confidence when you compare yourself to other women?

Jealousy is something that everyone needs to deal with in varying degrees and in many facets. But, many don’t ever go there. The awesome news is when we do “go through that door” we discover truth. We don’t have to allow jealousy to reside in our hearts and rule our lives. We don’t have to live bound and taunted in the jealousy trap. We have been given the power of our resurrected Jesus Christ to overcome, break old agreements, and not live according to our old sinful nature/our flesh/the lies. We must stop comparing ourselves to others, and begin embracing our true identity in Christ Jesus. We must invite Him in to heal our wounds and bind up our broken hearts. We must allow His truth to wash over us transforming us daily into who we are called to be as daughters and sons of the Living God. He is waiting !

You are created in His image. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His confident and beautiful you. You are HIS!


LORD, Examine my heart and reveal any jealousy inside. Forgive me of my sin and fill me with You’re Holy Spirit. Christ in me I will be a confident and secure and produce Your fruit in my life. My I recognize my insecurities and find my security and self worth in You alone. Thank You Jesus that you love me for me. I love You LORD. In Jesus name I pray – AMEN


















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