Baby girl do you know who you are?

You are beautiful and bright as a shining star.

You have been set apart to do His task;

Following His lead, no questions asked.

He knows every detail of your life and all  you do;

You are the “apple of His eye”; He’s in love with you.

You are covered by His grace, held in His hand,

Swaddled in His love, and a part of His perfect plan.

He’s your “Knight in Shining Armor”, a “Savior on a Hill”;

Walk with Him daily, and your heart He will fill.

No trouble He can’t see, no hurt to big or small;

He has gone before you, and He has experienced all.

He created you in my womb, a priceless gift from Him to me;

He created you in His image to live for His Glory.

Grab hold to Him daily, with all of your might;

For He will love you, guide you, and hold you tight.

He will meet your every need, quench your desperate thirst;

He is the “God of More than Enough”, always put Him first.

As the sun goes down in the evening and you may miss me in your heart;

Remember that this is only a “blink” in time that we will be apart.

As the sun rises every morning, and there is a new day for you to embrace;

Enjoy it to the fullest; it is a gift of His marvelous grace.

It is for Him that you live, that you love, that you exist;

Enjoy the journey baby girl – you were created for this!

I love you! Mom


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