What is Beauty Fully Alive?

What is Beauty Fully Alive?

Beauty Fully Alive is a dream God placed in my heart about 15 years ago. In 2016 this dream was birthed and the first Beauty Fully Alive Women’s retreat was launched. It was beyond my wildest dreams and God showed off. The retreat is a weekend for women who are hungry and thirsty for wholeness, holiness, and freedom to come away and pursue the heart of God, because He is pursing us.

What is Beauty? Every woman desires to be beautiful and feel beautiful. Beauty draws us. It captivates our gaze and stirs a hunger deep within. We see beauty in sunrises, vibrant sunsets, the new blooms of springtime flowers, the roaring ocean waters, the bride on her wedding day, the vibrant red of a new lipstick shade, the beautiful design of a cozy sweater, or even a fabulous pair of leather boots. Beauty is everywhere and it ushers in a stirring deep within our hearts, which many times we cannot articulate. Physical and earthly beauty reminds us of the beauty of God, our Creator, who made everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11a) Beauty is essential to God and therefore essential to our lives.


What is Fully? We live physically full, yet spiritually malnourished. We drink the torrent waters of the world, but thirst for the everlasting, quenching, abundant waters of God’s word. We eat, but we are famished! We rest but we are exhausted! We get up and give up. We splurge on social media and lack the fulfilling of God’s word. This is not “just the way it is”. This is not the end of your story. This is your beginning.  There is MORE! Jesus is calling, Arise my darling, beautiful one, and come away with me. Beauty Fully Alive is an invitation for you personally to satiate your appetite on the feasting of God’s word, to satisfy your true hunger pains, and nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul – from the inside out!

What is Alive? If you are breathing, you have been broken. We tend to let the bitterroot of brokenness dictate our lives. We vow to protect our hearts and play it safe.  We don’t take risks. We hide. We keep the rules and the score.  We don’t offer to others, and we dare not live or love with vulnerabilities. Therefore, we become numb to the desires, gifts, and longings God placed in us from the beginning. Basically, we learn to live with dead hearts.

This is not living ALIVE in Christ! God promised abundant life to those who believe. Jesus has MORE for us! When we daily walk with Him, encounter His love, and learn His truth, we then, experience healing and our hearts awaken to who we are called to be – whole and Holy. His love awakens our hearts; dead things come to life, and His glory is revealed.

Your heart fully ALIVE is Beauty Fully ALIVE! God’s beauty in you. Gods fullness in you. And His life alive in you. It starts on the inside and works its way outward.

Beauty Fully Alive is an invitation to more. It is a weekend for you to come away and replenish, re-nourish, and revive your heart!

Will you dare to answer His call, His personal invitation to MORE? Oh I hope to see you there.





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