Beauty Fully Alive

Beauty Fully Alive


Beauty Fully Alive is a weekend of healing and restoration for women’s hearts to awaken to the truth of their beauty, significance, belonging, and value. During this weekend, we will discover hidden brokenness and embrace our fears, flaws, and pain as we invite Jesus into these shadow places. This is the beginning of exposing, renouncing, and replacing lies with Truth! It’s the beginning of living from your heart instead of your head. It is the beginning of “resting” in your beauty and living fully alive and free. It is the beginning of becoming wholehearted! This weekend is a launching pad for your heart, mind, body, and soul to be awakened, healed, and restored through a process that is intimate, personal, and unique to everyone. This is your safe space for transformation to begin. You have beauty to offer. You living fully alive and fully free is our goal. Join us as we set aside performance, pushing through fears, stuffing down emotions, and the never ending to do list. Here, masks are removed; lies are exposed, love invades, and our perspective shifts. Feel your heart’s desires awaken as we allow our truest selves to be present and nourished, heart, mind, body, and soul– from the inside out. We understand that you are a spiritual, emotional, and physical being. That is why we not only dive into our spiritual journeys but also our physical and emotional one’s as well. We explore all three and discover how they affect each other, how we focus on one and not the others, and how they all three affect our value, identity, belonging, self-worth, and becoming whole. If you are ready to embark on this new journey………


  • More beauty
  • More fullness
  • More life
  • More love
  • More healing
  • More wholeness
  • More freedom
  • More Jesus


  • your heart’s desires
  • your heart’s wounds
  • your body as His Temple
  • your physical and spiritual cravings
  • your mindsets and emotions
  • your hindrances and obstacles
  • the truth of God’s word and love as it relates to you living in the essence of your beauty and from a heart that is fully alive


  • living from your whole heart and not your logistical head
  • dreaming again and awakening to the desires God has placed in you
  • renovating your hearts chambers and tearing down the walls around it
  • discovering the lies and revealing the truth
  • embracing the pain and inviting Jesus inside to heal
  • loving your body as a gift and stopping the shame game
  • forgiving and releasing yourself and others
  • rising up and embracing your true identity
  • walking in your calling, loving yourself, and living passionately from a stance – “you are significant, seen, loved, and enough”!

Friend, what goes into our minds, bodies, and spirits is equally important. We can not heal ourselves and become whole, alive, and free without addressing and exploring each. Together we will discuss and discover our beauty fully.

Wholeness is something we grow into as we walk with God. This is not a one and done event. Beauty Fully Alive is a launching pad for a new beginning. It is an invitation for you to explore your heart. It is an invitation for intimacy with God where authentic transformation begins. I call it a dance – one step at a time and Jesus leads. The dance is slow, personal, unique, beautiful, and full of restoration life!

Walk into any room filled with women, take a look around, each one regardless their size, shape, status, bank account, and age are screaming from within the same daunting question: “Am I beautiful? Do you see me? Do I matter?” The enemy used food and doubt to draw Eve away from her truest self thousands of years ago, and he is still using food and doubt today to keep women playing it small and believing they have no beauty to offer. Our love/hate relationship with food, our bodies, and our self-image trickles into every part of who we are and it is time to wake up, shake off the dust, and recover what has been lost!


Our desire is for you to live with your heart fully alive and fully free.

You are beautiful – yes you! You have a beauty to offer the world– yes you!It is time to unveil the truth of your beauty and live! It’s time to live fully alive and become whole-hearted from the inside out.

You are invited to More!
You are invited to Explore!
You are invited to Begin!

“God has not invited us in a disorderly, unkempt life but into something holy and beautiful – as beautiful on the inside as the outside.”
I Thessalonians 4:7 The Message

“Arise my darling, beautiful one, and come away with me.”

Photos of Retreat Location:

The best view of the Mighty Mississippi is here at this newly built camp sitting on the rivers edge. The location and the view  is a retreat is itself!


Every woman desires to be beautiful, feel beautiful, and have a beauty of their own to offer the world. Beauty invites. Beauty draws and captivates Beauty heals and restores. We see beauty in vibrant sunrises and sunsets, the new blooms of springtime flowers, the sparkling of snow-capped mountains, the bride on her wedding day, the harvest moon illuminating the dark sky, the beautiful design of a cozy sweater, or even a fabulous pair of genuine leather boots.

Beauty is everywhere, and it ushers in a stirring deep within our hearts, which many times we cannot articulate. The world teaches us beauty is outward and can be bought. We strive for it, pay for it, chase after it – hard! However, it seems to always be just at the edge of our fingertips and we never can make it last. Outward beauty is significant, needed, and powerful, yet something more powerful and glorious hides within us. We see beauty in others and in other things yet rarely see and acknowledge our own beauty.

Beauty exist within us.We just need to tap into it, embrace it, and offer it. We are created in His likeness and we behold His glory.

However, we must remember, Satan was the most beautiful being in heaven before he got kicked out! He despises our beauty and understands the power of our beauty. Satan comes to distort and destroy the very essence of who we are and what we have to offer. It is time to stop the striving and start “resting in, “nurturing”, and “birthing” our divine beauty. It is time to stop looking around and start looking within!

Beauty is essential to God and to our lives.

You are beautiful and you have a beauty to offer the world. (Sign Me Up)


We live physically full, yet spiritually malnourished. We drink the torrent waters of the world, but thirst for the everlasting, quenching, abundant waters of God’s word.

We eat, but we are famished! We rest but we are exhausted! We get up and give up. We splurge on social media and lack the fulfilling of God’s word. This is not “just the way it is”. This is not the end of your story living with your glass half full. This is your beginning. A new beginning for you to live out of the fullness of His love overflowing from the abundance from within.

You can only give to others what you have. His invitation is to fill you up. He desires to make you complete in Him, lacking nothing. His table is overflowing with limitless servings of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. When you feast at His table, you will begin to live fully awake, fully content, fully secure, fully confident, fully passionate, fully alive, and fully free!

Oh, come to the table, there is a chair waiting with your name on it! (Sign Me Up)


If you are breathing God has more for you! If you are breathing you have been broken. We tend to subconsciously let the bitterroot of brokenness chart the course of our lives.

We protect our hearts by building walls, and then play it safe. We stop risking and start hiding. We keep the rules and the score. We stop offering our authentic hearts to others, and we dare not live or love with vulnerabilities. Therefore, we become numb to the desires, dreams, gifts, and longings God placed within us from the beginning. Basically, we learn to live dead, in our heads, because our hearts are numb. We live from the “chin up” and call it “life”! This is not the resurrection life Christ died for us to live. God promised abundant life and living from our “head”instead of “heart” is not abundance. Jesus has more for us!

Things shift when we daily cultivate intimacy and encounter His love. Leaning into His light, resting in His faithfulness, loving Jesus and ourselves happens as we hear and apply His truth to our lives. When we begin to embrace our pain, own our stories, and deep dive into our hearts with Jesus, real transformation begins. Through this process we give our hearts permission to beat again and awaken to the truth of our being, heal our deepest brokenness, and restore what once was lost.

His wild love awakens our hearts; dead things come alive, and glory is revealed. You are created to live fully alive and fully free!

Living fully alive is “letting out the sails of your heart” and realizing right where you are is right where He is too! And you are safe, seen, and deeply loved!

If you ready to begin living fully alive (CLICK HERE)

It is time for women to throw off all excuses and come.


Beauty Fully Alive


April 4th– April 7th


Diamond Island Plantation
Tallulah, Louisiana


Women’s Retreat – a weekend of restoring your heart and recovering what has been lost.




(space is limited so reserve your spot)



Ashley White, Pat Domangue, Dana Dixon, Jenny Remsberg, Michelle Crouse, April Rodgers, Polly Spence, Kacy Aycock, Holly Boyd,
Vanessa Sadler & Gary Ratcliff


Holly Boyd


Kacy Aycock


Lindsey Nadler, Kathy Boggs, & Katie Rushing


Dana Milford owner of “For His Temple Family Foods”
(All meals, snacks, & coffee are organic, hormone free, gluten free, whole, and clean.)

Beauty Fully ALIVE Guest Speaker Bios:

Polly Spence

Polly Spence is an artist who has made her Christian faith and purpose the central theme of her artwork. She is also the founder of Poiema Missions, a ministry that brings unique performance art experiences to different events.

“Creativity is my spiritual gift and passion; art is a ministry, medium, and opportunity I use to evangelize the love and hope found in Jesus Christ. With Poiema Missions, my intent is to create an experience that will open the door for God to speak personally and individually through artistic expression. My artistic purpose is to use my creative spirit to affect powerful truths, spiritual connections, and inner stirrings to be reflected on by the viewer well beyond the delivery.”

For bookings:
Polly Spence
318-547-0153 or
FB: Polly Spence Art

Ashley White

Ashley is a Certified Health Coach whose passion is to live wholeheartedly, and live out of her true authentic beauty from a heart fully alive, fully present, and wildly free. She is the founder of Ashley White Wellness and Beauty Fully Alive. In her business and retreats, she supports, encourages, educates, and inspires busy women in their journey to becoming wholehearted spiritually, physically and emotionally. She understands the real struggle with food, weight, energy, healthy choices, hidden brokenness, buried emotions, self-hatred, and the endless search for a beauty to behold of your own. Her passion is to come alongside women and offer them life through mentoring, teaching, and encouraging them to walk into their hidden brokenness, invite the love of Jesus in, and allow His transformational love and light to heal their hearts from the inside out. Her goal is the restoration of women’s hearts and she loves to validate women’s value, worth, significance, and beauty. Women’s hearts becoming fully alive equals beauty fully alive. Her approach is personal unique, and authentic. One life. One heart. Piece by piece restoration. Recovering what has been lost!

Ashley lives in Monroe, LA and loves to cook, ride horses, spend time with family, and explore the great outdoors. She is also a Motivational Speaker, Health Coach, Blogger, Foodie, Prayer Warrior, Jesus Lover, and a guest blogger for Onfire Ministries. She has a bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems – but would rather spend her time writing, teaching, and encouraging others. She is happily married to Ned White and has three amazing children, Nolan Thompson and Brighton Robertson, and son in love Reed Robertson.

Michelle Crouse

Michelle has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and has completed a Fellowship with American Academy of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.  The Arkansas Pharmacist Association named her “Pharmacist of the Year” in 2014.  Professional affiliations include Arkansas Pharmacist Association, Professional Compounding Centers of America, and the American College of Nutrition.

Michelle lives in the Delta and owns 8 independent retail pharmacies in Arkansas & Mississippi.  She is now practicing in her newest location Clinic Pharmacy #8 Greenville Mississippi. She can be reached on Facebook @thefunctionalpharmacist or thefunctionalpharmacist@gmail.com

Her passion is bringing healing to people who feel they are not improving through conventional modalities or who know they feel poorly, but are told, “Everything is normal”.  She helps her clients, who include children, adults and families, to find great health and to live in their “sweet spot”.

Her greatest joy in life and perhaps is her most lasting legacy is her family. She and her husband have 3 daughters and their employees are their extended family. In her down time, she enjoys being near water, hiking, and doing “spa” day with her girls. She lives in Lake Village, Arkansas but enjoys traveling whenever her schedule will allow.

Lindsey Nadler

Lindsey wears many hats: worship leader, abolitionist, wife, step-mom, writer, speaker and health enthusiast. Over the past decade she has served in a variety of different arenas spanning from law enforcement, health and fitness and the social justice sector.  Her mission of empowering women has been the theme of her life and present throughout her endeavors. Lindsey is the Co-Founder & Director of Project 41, a Christian non-profit dedicated to freeing women from the sex industry and sex trafficking. She and her husband Rich, lead worship at Foundry Church in Monroe, Louisiana. They enjoy time away in the mountains most with family and their two fur babies Cash and Ava.  

Gary Ratcliff

Gary was born and reared in Dallas, and received his bachelor’s degree from Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois, and his master’s of fine art from East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas. Since coming to University of Louisiana at Monroe in 1977, he has taught a variety of art classes, but the greatest part of his career has been spent in the pottery studio. Even in recent years, when he has been a department head and associate director of VAPA, he has continued to teach wheel throwing to beginning and advanced students.

Ratcliff’s pottery has appeared in numerous galleries and exhibitions and it resides in collections around the country, as well as in France, Canada and Australia. But he says he takes special pride in the many hands-on demonstrations he gives all over Louisiana. From elementary schools to churches to scout groups, TEDx lectures, University of Louisiana at Monroe Prism concerts, art crawls, folklore festivals—in dozens and dozens of venues, Ratcliff has given workshops and demonstrated his art for the public for years.

In addition, he has donated many pieces to fund-raisers and organizations. He is a respected and honored member of the ULM faculty—teacher, colleague, volunteer. He attends Portico Church in Monroe, and he and his wife, Sharon, have raised their three children here.

Jenny Remsberg –

Jenny Steffins Remsberg was born in Eugene, OR, the fifth of seven kids to missionary parents. She graduated college from Abilene Christian University with a BA in Music/Home Economics & Family Studies. She married in college and spent eight years singing professionally.

Jenny has spent the last fifteen years being a single mom and through this journey she has learned the beauty, faithfulness, extravagant love, and unwavering goodness of her God. During these fifteen years, she has been a Christian radio host, a talk show host, a designer, and a voice coach. She is currently the radio talk show host and co-founder of “It’s a Mom Thing”, and is the development director at Life Choices Pregnancy Resource Center in Monroe, LA.

Jenny is a God lover, passionate mother, faithful friend, and powerful prayer warrior. She is a lover of beauty, authentic relationships, patriotism, creativity, and service to others. She is passionate about walking with others into their calling and helping them create and facilitate their God given dreams.

She lives by three Mantra’s which have come from the mouths her loving parents and herself:

  • “If it’s worthwhile doing, it’s worthwhile doing right!” (MarjSteffins)
  • “All is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” (Marvin Steffins/Edmund Burke)
  • “Love hard, stand loyal, and live faithful!!” (Jenny)

She is the mother of four amazing children plus one blessing of a son-in-law. She never meets a stranger and she loves “all out”! She is a lover of life and a life-giver!

April Rodgers

April Rodgers is a Christian author and speaker with a passion for encouraging women in their daily walk with Christ. Her leadership in Women’s Ministry and passion for Women’s Bible Study initiated her obtaining a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She is happily married to Adams and the Lord has blessed them with two daughters, Adelene, age 12, and Ellanora, age 9. April loves coffee, group texts, Wednesday Bible Studies, and Sunday afternoon naps. You can follow April and her blog Reflecting Light in Everyday Life at www.aprilrodgers.com

Pat Domangue

Pat Domangue is the founder of On Fire Ministries; a ministry designed to ignite and inspire women to apply God’s word to their everyday life. She came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior at age thirty and speaks to women from her life experiences. Her testimony attests to God’s power in taking her from a dark pit to a place of satisfaction, freedom, and joy. Pat’s passion and gift of teaching have inspired women of all ages to seek Christ and long for a closer, more intimate walk with Him.

Pat has a Basic and Advanced certification in Women’s Ministry and a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministries through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She received her Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity Seminary in Newburg, Indiana in 2012.

Pat has written and led Bible studies for women and teen girls. Ambassador International published her first Bible study, Quest for Wholeness: Healing the Broken, in May 2009. Other Bible studies Pat has written are, Equipped and Empowered: Preparing Women for Spiritual Battle, My Maker and Me: The Potter and The Clay, Not Home Yet: A Glimpse Into Revelation’s Treasures, an ebook, Prayer Matters: The Basics of PrayerDIG: Digging in God’s Word and her latest study, Words Matter: The Process and Product of Our Words written with her daughter, Taylor Draughn. Currently Pat teaches women across denominational lines throughout her local region of North Louisiana.

Pat hosted a Christian women’s TV show, “Girlfriends,” and CounterCulture Women’s Radio Show. She served as Women’s Ministry Director at First Baptist Church in West Monroe, LA in 2002-2003. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she served on staff as Women’s Minister at Cedar Crest Baptist Church in West Monroe, LA. She currently serves in women’s ministry in her home church, Christ Church in West Monroe, LA. 

Pat lives in West Monroe, Louisiana, with her husband, B.J. She has three daughters, Taylor Draughn, married to Justin Draughn, Jade Templeton, and Avery Best, married to Alex Best. She has one granddaughter, Ainsley Draugh and one grandson, Ryland Draughn. 

Holly Boyd

Holly is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, but most importantly her heart belongs and follows after Jesus. She is passionate about Christ, and you can tell because she genuinely loves His people.

She cannot sit idly by and watch others struggle in their faith or really in any other way. She anxiously anticipates God to call her and connect her to others for His purpose.

Holly has a God-given gift to see what is needed most by those in need; whether it’s words or actions. God has called her to build up, strengthen and encourage His body, and she does so wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Holly’s compassion and desire to help others comes from her own experiences with pain, both emotional and physical. With disc problems in her back and repeated injury to her feet, Holly chose to hang up her running shoes for the yoga mat. She found yoga to be very therapeutic inside and out. Holly claims that yoga truly is all-encompassing: mind, body & spirit. The spirit part though needed to be God-centered and Holly ached for that. She sought out a form of yoga that infused scripture and even worship music into the practice. After several months of training with Holy Yoga, Holly began to teach from her experience and from her heart. She has a deep desire to teach and inspire others to connect with God and experience His love, power, and healing whether it is on or off of the mat. Holly is certified in AFAA group fitness and Mini-yogis with Yoga Athletica. She has her 200 RYT with Live Love Teach and her RHYI with Holy Yoga.

Dana Milford –

Dana is the chef & owner of “for His temple family foods” in Antique Alley in West Monroe, LA. For His temple is a take out restaurant and health food market that focuses on organic, gluten free meals & products. Our mission is to help busy families eat good, body feeding, tasty food!

“Retiring” after almost 30 years in the corporate rat race, Dana decided to pursue her passion for cooking clean, nutritious food for busy folks. Focusing on serving classic meals that are “all cleaned up” with gluten free & organic ingredients.

Dana is married to an amazing husband, Eddie. They have 6 kids, 3 kids in love & almost 6 grand kids (Tahlia Grace is due May 21st).

Kathy Boggs

Kathy has a powerful gift of ushering others into the presence of Jesus through worship. She is a wife, mother, and business owner of The Cat Walk Hair Studio in West Monroe, LA. Kathy is a proud loving mother of three children, four step children, and seven grandbabies.

Dana Dixon

Dana Dixon is a Christian speaker, leader,mentor, and teacher who is passionate about walking side by side with young women helping them find their identity in Christ, discern the voice of God,develop an intimate relationship with Jesus, and step into their calling and purpose.

In 2006 she was the Youth Group Leader for two years at her former church in Bastrop, Louisiana. She is now a member of North Monroe Baptist Church in Monroe, Louisiana where she is actively a Life Group Teacher for the Juniors and Seniors.

Dana is the founder of “Deeper” a dream God placed in her heart to “train the younger women” (Titus 2:4). “Deeper” is a once a month Bible Study for Senior girls which is hosted in her home and consists of dinner, bible study, group discussion, and tons of love and encouragement.

Dana has spoken at several women’s events and led numerous Bible studies for women of all ages (college, youth, & adult) through the years.

She is passionate about mentoring young women, and “Spiritual Mothering” is her gift, aligning beautifully with her heart’s desire to “pass the baton of faith to the next generation of young women”.

Dana has her Bachelor Degree in Psychology and her Masters in Social Work from LA Tech University.

Dana lives in Mer Rouge, Louisiana with her husband Jeff and son Joh-Thomas. She has an adult daughter Mary Margaret Sisson married to Kyle Sisson. In her free time, she loves to saturate in the word and soak in the presence of Jesus. She also loves hunting, the outdoors, the beach, and spending quality time with her family.

I came across this song titled “Sails”, by Pat Barret, (featuring SteffanyGretzinger, & Amanda Lindsey Cook). It profoundly puts into a melody what the heart of this weekend is about. The lyrics are as follows:

“Falling is easy, but staying in love is hard
Hard to be honest and keep our heart open
To be who we truly are
Without the excuses, without the façade
There’s no pretending
Here in Your love
Oh, Lord set me free
Oh, Lord set me free

I’m finally seeing,You were here all along
Your love wasn’t absent, no
It doesn’t come or go
The image I’ve had is starting to fail
You’re patient with me
You’re lifting the veil
Oh, Lord set me free
Oh, Lord set me free
Oh, Lord set me free (set me free)
Oh, Lord set me free (set me free)

I let out the sails of my heart
Here I am, here You are
I let out the sails of my heart
Here I am, here You are
I let out the sails of my heart
Here I am, here You are……….

I spent so many years, stuck in my head
Couldn’t see past myself
And all the time, you were right here
In front of me
Apart of me
Inside of me
And patiently you spoke to me
And you set me free
And so naturally, I’m living from my heart
Now Oh, my heart
My heart
This is just the beginning
This is just the beginning,
Oh, this is just the beginning of a new way of living
With you, with You, Oh with You, Yeah…

I let out the sails of my heart
Here I am, here You are
I let out the sails of my heart
Here I am, here You are
I let out the sails of my heart
Here I am, here You are……….”

Are you ready to let out the sails of your heart?

Jesus is calling, “Arise my darling, beautiful one, and come away with me.”

Living fully alive is becoming wholehearted!

Will you dare to answer His call, His personal invitation to MORE!

There is MORE and you are worth it!

Are you ready to walk in your beauty and live fully alive?