Busy Moms, Hungry Husbands, and Picky Little Eaters

Busy Moms, Hungry Husbands, and Picky Little Eaters

Ten years ago a church wide invitation to participate in a program “Seven Weeks to Health and Wellness” detoured my life forever. I needed change and desired peace in my home considering I prepared four different meals attempting to please my picky eaters and hungry husband. This craziness was causing friction with my man and running me ragged.

I signed up for the program, dove in, and intended to drag the family along.

My munchkins were five and seven and somewhat persuasive, but my husband deemed me “crazy.” I plunged ahead, “all or nothing”, and my steam ran out quickly. Reality check! I took one step back and discovered change is a process. Instead of dragging my family along, I wanted them to participate and be excited.

Stewing over God’s word, I was reminded of the starving Israelites when God sent them manna. They could have thrived on His manna; but they complained and wanted something else. God provided. Another truth surfaced. People are starving all over the world, and my kids were whining because one wanted pizza and the other wanted tacos. I had lost focus and control. Instead of being thankful for food, we are picky complainers. I had allowed this in my home, but things were about to change.

I decided to stop letting the kids rule the dinner table. However, I valued their opinions and taste buds. After a family meeting, we began taking action steps – one-step (practical and doable) at a time. If something did not work, I let it go quickly and tried something different.

If this sound familiar to you,  I recommend pick one or two action steps below and begin implementing. When you are ready, add another and then another. Each family is unique; what works for one may not work for another. Move forward at a feasible pace for you. Vibrant health is a journey and truly so much fun.

Action Steps:

  1. Have a family meeting and let your children know you are taking the reins back over the kitchen. Express to them you need their help (this is a jewel) and reassure them their taste buds matter.
  2. Have each family member write down five favorite meals and five favorite snacks. Then make it a priority to come up with a healthy way to make their favorite things. This will take time so don’t wig out.
  3. CROWD OUT. When a bag of Doritos is empty throw it away, and start buying healthier alternatives (Garden of Eatin, Late July – two brands I like). Continue slowly “crowding out” processed foods and replacing with a healthier choice.
  4. Assign each family member a night to have their favorite meal and invite them to help you prepare it. It does not matter if the onions are perfectly diced; what matters is quality time with your family.
  5. On the night that is not their “favorite meal” let them pick one easy healthy side item.
  6. Begin making menus once a week for the nights you will be cooking dinner. Preparation sets you up for success.

One of my favorite websites is “100 Days of Real Food”. They have recipe indexes, free meal plans, great kids lunch ideas, and much more.

Check it out http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/



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  1. Dana Milford

    Love it! Real, practical & doable!!! So many Mama’s need this direction.

    • Ashley

      Thank you Dana.


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