Captivity of Activity

Captivity of Activity

My alarm clock blared; I overslept. I race to get dressed, make breakfast and lunch, and dart out the door. I dropped the kids off at school, and hurried to my 8:30am “spin class”. Then straight to a community prayer meeting, lunch with friends, and a meeting with our CPA. At 3;00pm, I pick up my son from school and take him to baseball practice. I go to the grocery store, Post Office, pick up my daughter from cheer practice, and then back to get my son. We go home. I start dinner and kids do homework. We eat dinner at 9:00pm. Finally we clean the kitchen, take baths, and say prayers. At 11:30pm I collapse into my bed with a heavy sigh.

I reflected on my crazy day and all I accomplished—– but where was God in all my activity? I woke up in a hurry and skipped my quite time. I never once stopped throughout the day to just “be” in His presence or invite Him into my craziness. Have I taken the bait again and been distracted from My King by non-stop “activity”? Have I been so busy doing “good things” that I missed Him?

Jesusʼ words are more precious than gold in Luke 10:42. This is key to our freedom and joy. In a world full of busyness, distractions, and activity around every corner, Jesus tells us: ONLY one thing matters, only one thing will last, only one thing will change your life forever —be still at My feet. In My presence you are made new, complete, and whole. In My presence you find rest, strength, courage, hope, joy, and peace… In My presence there is fellowship, relationship, and true love. You cannot work for what I offer; you can only receive My gift at My feet.

What does your day look like? Where is He in your activity? Are you captive of being active or do you take time to sit at HIS feet?

Prayer: Jesus, I come to sit at Your feet. I lay my day, my mistakes, my joys, my dreams, my longings, and my life down at Your feet. I invite You into every detail of my life. I desire Your presence more than breath. Come LORD! IN JESUS

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