Frequently Asked Questions: Who Can Join?

Everyone! Participants just have to be over the age of 18 years old and not currently a distributor or preferred customer of my product partner, USANA Health Sciences. Location doesn’t matter, it’s all done over the phone and online. Anyone in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia and New Zealand is welcome to join. (Prices will vary in other countries, email us for details.)

Is this program good on my budget?

It sure is. You’ll receive 43 delicious nutrition smoothies for meals and 38 yummy nutrition bars for snacks included in the cost, so most people find that they actually save money on their grocery and food bills over the course of the program.

What’s the time commitment?

On average each week, you’ll spend about 1-2 hours watching the videos, reading handouts and completing the content. We find these time frames are the perfect amount of training for you to learn a ton and digest the information, while still fitting easily into your busy life.

My life is so busy, will this program fit into my daily life and schedule?

Yes, the entire program was created to easily fit into your day-to-day life. All of the content is delivered online and done on your own time. Additionally, the products don’t contain any stimulants or laxatives, so you can continue on with the program during your normal weekly work schedule.

Are there any “liquid only” days on this cleanse?

Nope. And I’m not a big fan of any cleanses or detoxes that have “liquid only” days where you basically subside on some kind of sugar water. Doing so slows down your metabolism, is completely unnecessary, and isn’t good for your mental health, either.

I’d like to lose more than 15lbs, is this program a good fit for me?

Yes, if your goal is to lose more than 12-15lbs or more, we can adapt the program to help you get there. We’ve had people use this program to lose as little at five and as much as 75lbs (over 13 months). We will put our on our two nutrition smoothie per day plan after the first five days to help you achieve your weight loss goal of more than 12-15lbs. You can select this option on the registration form for only $90 more. That’s 28 more meals for only $90!

Will I feel hungry on this program?

Not at all. In fact, a cornerstone of the program is identifying and managing cravings and hunger. We call the nutrition smoothies that we use “fill-me-up smoothies,” because that’s exactly what they do!

Are the products you use healthy and free of artificial sweeteners?

Yes. Each of the smoothies and bars are made from natural sources and are certified low glycemic. Also, each smoothie and bar contains less sugar than an apple and are free of artificial sweeteners and colorings. We also chose the highest-rated supplements on the market to make your program a super-success!

Is there a gluten-free option for this program?

There is a very small amount of wheat bran in some of the products for the nutrients and fiber it provides. In general, even people with gluten intolerances seem fine with all of the products. However, we do have a gluten-free option for people with celiac or that just prefer gluten-free. Just indicate that’s what you’d like when you register. The cost might be between $5-$15 more if you choose the gluten-free option as the cost of the raw ingredients in the smoothies and bars is slightly higher.

What if I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

We are in this for YOUR results. If you’re un-happy with the program, you can return any portion of your products that you haven’t used, except for your customized supplement packs – that’s the only part that’s non-refundable as they’re created specifically for you.

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