Hey There Beautiful Lady!

Hey there beautiful lady

Hey there beautiful lady,

I’m Ashley! If you are new here, let me introduce myself. 

I love Jesus, my family, morning mediations & prayer, sunsets, horseback riding, all things Tallulah (my fur baby), Mexican dominos, face to face conversations, dancing, dinner dates with my hubby, dinner gatherings at my home, and chips and salsa. I also love seeing women experience restoration, wholeness, and freedom because I have. 

I have dealt with chronic fatigue, mercury poison, divorce, death of my father, the death of my children’s father, and many other brutal blows. I have kept silent most of my life hiding in a corner of fear and shame. I believed for many years I was “not enough”, had nothing of value to offer, no one cared, and I was insignificant. However, hard blows of pain have a brilliant way of shining light into our deepest darkness. And that is exactly what happened to me.

Let me share a little piece of my PERSONAL STORY with you “AGAIN”, where light penetrated the darkness and my deep spiritual healing began: 

When I was going through my divorce many years ago my emotions had a chock hold on me accompanied by cloaks of shame. I was depressed, sad, broken-hearted, overwhelmed, and alone. Even though I had a loving family and two small children. My subconscious kept whispering “See, no one cares. No one loves you. You are too messed up. You really are all alone.” 

I felt abandoned, unworthy, shameful, and unseen! Something must be “wrong with me”! 

It was a whirlwind. A place I would have never dreamed I would be and I BEGGED GOD TO DIE! 

BUT GOD! He had a greater plan. 

One night at a concert at my church, I knelt at my pew. Tears were streaming down my face and I was begging the Lord to take me out of this world. It was just too painful. All of a sudden I heard a voice saying, “Ashley, I Am right here. There is work to do.” I looked up thinking surely everyone could hear it. But nope, they were all still worshipping. 

My heart was beating so fast and my tears slowing stopped. I had heard the voice of MY CREATOR. And He called my name. He saw me. He was with me. He had a plan for me. He believed in me. I was safe and He was not ashamed of me. 

This was a lightning bolt moment in my journey to healing and wholeness. This was only the beginning. It was an invitation to more. And I accepted it. 

I have spent the last 2 decades deep diving into my heart and soul and experiencing real healing. It has been transformational. I can see clearly now how the pain had tremendous purpose and I am so grateful for the process.




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PIECE BY PIECE we will allow the love of God to recover and restore what has been stolen, so together we can begin living Fully Alive.

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