His Creation is for You

His Creation is for You

The brilliant ball of orange fire sinks into the depths of the ocean as darkness nears. My eyes fixate on such stunning beauty as I ponder the One who positioned it there. Numerous grains of sand hide beneath my weary feet as others push upward threw my wiggling toes. The ocean waves draw back like a retreating army, only to rise up with great force, and plunder the shoreline again and again. Seagulls soar and take ownership to the sky as the majestic winds carry them without fail. The moon makes a grand entrance and the light of its presence ripples across countless miles of unending ocean. The multitudes of stars gracefully begin to shimmer, and I sit in awe and wonderment. I am drawn to this place of beauty, and my soul is at rest as His creation engulfs me.

God’s creation is a refection of Himself – His Splendid Glory. He is Beauty; He is strength; He is Light; He is wind. We are drawn to these beautiful things (the blue ocean, the starry night, the sandy beaches, the picturesque sunset, the vibrant flowers, the colors of the rainbow, and the wild outdoors) because they are all apart of our Creator. We may not recognize our inner motive, but we all love to experience His enthralling Creation. In reality we are longing for HIM and don’t even realize it.

Take a moment during this busy season, walk outside, and behold His miraculous creation. It is for your great pleasure that He paints the morning sky. It is for your heart to intimately experience Him in every fascinating detail of the beauty that surrounds you. Thank Him for it, and rest in knowing He is continually drawing you to Himself.

Genesis 1:31 “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was very good.” “Very” in the original Hebrew language means: exceedingly, much, force, greatly, and abundance. “Good” in the original Hebrew language means: pleasant, agreeable, excellent, and valuable in estimation.

What God created was “exceedingly excellent” and “abundantly valuable”, and He was greatly pleased!

PRAYER: Thank You LORD for Your creation, Your beauty, Your Majestic Glory. I am drawn to Your creation because I see You in it. Please keep drawing me Lord. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit so I can be full of Your glory and reflect Your beauty to others. I love You Jesus. In the name and blood of Jesus Christ I pray – AMEN



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