How Do You See Yourself?

I have lived most of my life asleep to myself, sleeping and hiding on a mat of fear, shame, people-pleasing, powerlessness, and insecurity continuously feeling overlooked and alone. So, when I read the story in John 5 of the “man on the mat”, I easily related. 

You see – for 38 years this man laid on his mat of brokenness, doubt, insecurity, shame, and powerlessness. He was overlooked daily and these continuous experiences caused him to believe there was nothing different, no way to change, no hope, no one to help him, and no way out of his crippling situation. He blamed everyone around him for his stagnant life. Yet he got comfortable in his desert and he hid his heart from himself. 

His inner negative thoughts ruled his outer world until one day an opportunity came and he had a choice to “do something different”. Jesus stepped onto the pages of his lies, saw him in his brokenness, and called him up and out of hiding. 

“So Jesus said to him, ‘Do you truly long to be healed?’………..Stand up! Pick up your sleeping mat and you will walk!’.

“Immediately he stood up- he was healed!” His heart awakened! Wow!  

You see, Jesus was asking this cripple man If was ready to abandon how HE SEES HIMSELF and now receive the faith for healing. Did he want to be made whole? Did he want to see himself differently? For him to become whole and healed he had to change his perception! He had to change his limiting beliefs and how he saw himself.

How we see ourselves is crucial and effects everything! 

When we feel overlooked it’s easy to see ourselves as inadequate, not good enough, not chosen, and even something must be wrong with me. These limiting beliefs will keep us on our mat of fear, doubt, and defeat. But we don’t have to stay there!

How do you see yourself today?

Do you feel overlooked and alone?

Are you ready to wake up, abandon how YOU SEE YOURSELF, stand up, and receive the faith for healing and wholeness? 

If you answered yes, I have GOOD NEWS for you.

Wholeness and healing is your inheritance.

Changing how you see yourself is possible! And I am proof!

Are you ready to become your truest self? Come join me and we will journey together!

I am creating a new 6-week online program where we will journey together to awaken your heart and discover and process the things that have kept you stuck. You will uncover hidden wounds, limiting beliefs, and unconscious vows. You will learn how to nourish, love, accept, and heal yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You will learn how to recognize your triggers and use them as golden gateways to more healing and up-leveling. You will have weekly teachings, meditations, assignments, live FB Q&A’s, and so much more.

Are you ready to experience healing and cultivate wholeness so you can live empowered and live your purpose with passion?

This healing journey will allow you to be seen and heard in a safe space, give you practical tools to live differently, teach you how to feel again, empower you to live from your heart and not just your head, and restore back to you what has been stolen so you can live fully alive and wildly free.

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