How to Birth Something New

Birthing pains are brutal. Actually, the word “brutal” does not even do them justice. Horrific!? Maybe? However, it is a squeezing, contracting, squeezing, contracting and pushing-pushing-pushing like none other. It is intense and it is life or death. And on the other side of the excruciating pain, something beyond description and yet profoundly amazing is born. NEW LIFE! Wild. Glorious. New life.

I believe God is spiritually birthing something new in the earth through women RIGHT NOW. And I believe it is time for women to wake up, rise-up, and stop playing small!!


  • We are all wounded and healing is our inheritance. 
  • Healing is experienced physically, spiritually, emotionally, & mentally.  AND ALL ARE CRUCIAL. 
  • The pain and squeezing you are feeling is producing new life.
  • You have everything you need living within you to heal and cultivate wholeness because the resurrection power of Jesus lives on the inside of you.
  • Speaking the truth even when it’s hard is liberating. 
  • Showing up for yourself daily is a game-changer. 
  • It’s time to stop ignoring our longing to be seen and heard and start living brave and fierce. 
  • Your story is a treasure waiting to be read in the light of truth.
  • Your biggest failures can be seeds of growth if you choose to plant them and stop shutting down when hard things happen.  
  • The real you is waiting to be uncovered, embraced, loved, and released. 
  • It is time to stop playing SMALL and hiding in the corner of shame and doubt and start living – awakened, authentic, connected, confident, & free. 

Do you agree?

Can I get a HALLELUJAH! 


As a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I have helped countless women get physically healthy over the years. However, when I experienced 4 major life happenings: divorce, chronic fatigue, the loss of my dad, and the loss of my children’s father, I knew that true healing had to include more than just the physical aspects I had been focusing on. As God walked me through my own healing (mind, body, and spirit), I learned the importance of looking at the whole woman (mind, body, and spirit).  So, my mission shifted and began to encompass far more than only external health. God placed a fire in my heart to help women stop believing the lies that hold them back and start uncovering and embracing their truest self so they can live life awakened, connected, confident, and free. As a coach of many years, my heart’s deepest desire is to see women awaken and rise- up to live as God meant for them to live…mind, body, and spirit.

The process of healing and wholeness has been one of the most difficult and yet most meaningful journey’s I have ever taken and the pains of birthing new life have been worth every single obstacle and ache. My personal journey has ushered in so much new understanding and compassion and has lead me to LOVE even more deeply:

  • Connecting with women in the stories.
  • Creating a safe community for women to be seen and heard. 
  • Helping women discover their hidden wounds, limiting beliefs, and unconscious vows. 
  • Inspiring women to cultivate wholeness so they can heal and live awakened, connected, confident, & free. 
  • Empowering women to wake up, rise-up, and show up for themselves. 
  • Watching women stop believing the lies about themselves and start embracing who they were meant to be. 

COME JOIN ME HERE AND PIECE BY PIECE we will allow the love of God to recover and restore what has been stolen, so together we birth new life into the earth.  Are ready to live fully alive and birth the dreams God has placed in you?

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