I am a small-town Louisiana Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, writer, speaker, wife, and mom daring to dream big. Obsessed with: hats, horseback riding, chips & salsa, face to face conversations, morning prayer and meditation, and my dog Tallulah. I believe love heals, God is faithful, and women are awakening and rising-up to live authentically!

Do you want to know what fires me up? Coming alongside women, connecting with them inside their stories, and creating a safe community for them to be seen and heard, because sometimes this journey gets lonely and we easily isolate believing we are the only ones having these struggles and somehow “we must be crazy”. We are secretly hurting and silently screaming and have no idea we are wounded and in desperate need of healing. We believe if we feel our true emotions they will consume us, so we push them down and put on the mask of people-pleasing and productivity. We live from our heads not our hearts; we believe we must prove our worth, secure our significance, and we easily get stuck in the cycle of shame and overwhelm.

If I can be the permission granter in your life for you to dare to uncover and embrace the truth of your significance and worth”– then my rising up will be worth it! And if I can help you experience healing, cultivate wholeness and become your truest self along the way then I will consider my time spent “well done”.

I believe you have a beauty of your own to offer the world and you are ready to live with confidence, purpose, and passion. I believe the “real you” is asleep and it’s time for you to wake up, embrace her and love yourself in the process. I believe you are unique, significant, and born to live brave. I believe you showing up for yourself and accepting yourself where you are, is a powerful key to transformation. I believe the world needs your gifts. And I believe you living awakened, authentic, and fully alive will allow you to experience the freedom you are longing for.


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