Our Wounds are Where the Light Enters

Underneath her cloak of perfectionism hid an ocean of shame. Shame was her ugly comfort, but familiar, and it limited her beliefs. The limitations kept her stuck and gave her a sense of false identity. Subconsciously she had created her identity from her wounds and fear of the unknown kept her bound to the lies. It was darkness. Yet in her darkness there was a rumbling. Love was whispering her name echoing through the shafts of her insecurities. As curiosity allowed her heart to crack open for the first time since she could remember, it allowed another story to squeeze through the tiny opening and become a sliver of hope and new possibilities. And right there In the shattered-ness of her wounds, Light penetrated. It was in this Light that Love eclipsed her heart and began a stirring deep within. The eyes of her heart were opening and she could see for the first time, in the light, a table set before her in the middle of her war. And at this table was everything she needed for the journey ahead—- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Love would not leave her there alone and powerless in the dark. NO! Love called her out into a new season, into a new awakening, and into a new abundance of grace. 

It was in this new place of connection with Love, her pain would collide with His presence and nothing would be wasted. In this place of Divine oneness, no perfection nor performance was needed— only Presence! And in the Presence of her Creator she began to awaken, rise up, and live for the first time since her innocence was stolen. 

You see healing and wholeness is possible for you too. And you actually have a choice. Its a choice to journey into the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable. It’s a choice to accept yourself, trust yourself, and trust God’s goodness towards you. It’s a choice to be curious.  It’s a choice to take a step of faith and walk into the darkness of your soul allowing His light to meet you there and then allowing His love and truth to transform you from the inside out. 

Are you ready to heal ? Are you ready to be made whole? 

Listen, He is calling your name!

Are you ready?

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