Darkness seems more evident than light. My heart is numb from “over-thinking,” “over-protecting,” “over-reacting,” and “compartmentalizing” my life. I question the strength of my faith and wonder if God cares that my heart aches. I have continually cried out to Him–but no answer thus far. I have seen Him work in ways that I never imagined. Yet at this particular “crossroad,” doubt suffocates my thoughts, fear tells me “I am alone,” and the next step is uncertain.

I cried out to Him once again. “LORD, I need strength, guidance and truth. Anything less, Lord and my heart will give way. Your truth is the only foundation upon which I am able to stand. Please Lord hear my cries, and shine Your light in my heart.” I opened my Bible and saw these words of hope, love, light, grace, and truth:

“Then He said to Thomas, ʻPut your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.ʼ” (John 20:27-28)

I felt the sweetness of the Lord calling me through His Word. I was indeed standing at a crossroad with one foot lifted poised to step, but because doubt and disbelief crept into my heart, my foot would not come down in either direction. Through His word He was reaching out His nail scared hand and reminding me that His wounds brought and bring complete freedom, healing, and wholeness.

The word Bible in Hebrew is “mikra”. It means “the calling out of God.” Stop for a moment and wrap your thoughts around this truth. God of heaven and earth is calling out to you from His Holy Word revealing His heartʼs desire. He wants to be known, noticed, needed, and loved. He longs for unbridled fellowship with you. His un-measurable love and unending grace are sweetly weaved through every page of His beautiful “Love Story” to you. His Word provides a “Life Manual” for everything you will ever encounter. Whatever “crossroad” you may be at today, He alone will bring light and truth to all darkness and every lie. Listen sweet one…….. He is calling!

PRAYER: Precious LORD, as I stand at the crossroad of doubt and disbelief, and light and truth, forgive me, cleanse my heart, and continue calling to me. Place my feet on Your path for I cannot stand without You LORD. Set a desire in my heart to read Your Word, and may it become all that I am. In the name and blood of Jesus Christ I pray – AMEN. -Ashley White


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