The Beautiful Bride

The Beautiful Bride

What do you think of when I say the word BRIDE? Being a bride is much more than wearing the perfect white dress and saying: “I do”. Being the ultimate bride is saying YES to Jesus Christ. When you say, “I do” to Him it is transformational. He is your greatest lover; nothing nor no one will ever compare. This “yes” is a journey.  This “yes” is giving permission for your heart to become fully alive. This “yes” is giving Him permission to remove your veil alowing the true you and your beauty to become fully alive.

It is the most important “yes” you will ever utter.   Are you ready for more?

He is waiting for you at the altar of grace.

I said a real YES many years ago and out of that this poem was birthed. It blows me away every time I read it. God has continued the unveiling of my true beauty, and I am in AH! I am His bride! So are you!  Read ON beautiful one —-



Chains of bondage wrapped so tight

One mistake after another, every day and night


Who had I become, and was their any end

To the misery, pain, and bondage I was living in


My truth had been distorted, and my heart stripped away

Would I always feel this worthless and picked “over” day by day


I continued to give what I had, thinking surely one would see

I was worth something, and one would give back to me


But how could I give away, what I did not ever contain

How could I freely love, when all I felt was shame


If only I could stop this ride and start all over again

Surely I would do things different, and not heap sin upon sin


Please someone tell me, there is something better or more

Tell me that there is “light” behind these dark and heavy doors


Am I only fooling myself, and this is “just the way it is”?

And now I must exist in the chains of bondage, scars, and mess


And then one day the WORDS came to me

It is “’I’ that you need, take My hand and I’ll set you free”


Who me? The broken one, rejected, scarred, and shamed

Yes you! My chosen one, now let Me have your chains


If you will  put your hand in Mine, and obey my glorious call

I will take you down the road less traveled and restore it to you all


Where ashes once were heaped, only beauty will reside

More beautiful than ever the Kinsman Redeemer’s Bride


No permanent mourning, nor sorrow, nor sin to keep us apart

I pour upon you my oil of gladness, and redeem your broken heart


I will put joy in your heart and give you a garment of praise

And display you for My splendor for the rest of your days


The Bride of the Prince of Peace, the beautiful Bride of the King

You will wear my Robe of Righteousness, and I will wear all other things


I have redeemed you, restored you, and set you free

Now take My hand, and dance in liberty


You are My precious child, only fit for the King

Now live like you believe Me, and I will bless you beyond your dreams


I am not asking you to do it alone, just seek Me with all your heart

I am your Kinsman Redeemer, and I will do your part


I have sprinkled you with My blood, and washed you white as snow.

You were bought with My Life, now you are beaming with My Glow


My faithful promises are your armor, so sore on eagle’s wings

You are Redeemed and Restored; you are the BRIDE OF THE KING!


Ashley White (2005)







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