I danced with my lover this morning!

Standing on the side of the old gym floor with my tattered heart and worn out dress, I sense a gentle breeze moving towards me. I slowly glance up to notice Strength, Beauty, and Royalty closing the distance between us. I look around at all the beauty that surrounds me, yet His gaze is fixed on me. With each step He takes I hear the crackle of the wood beneath His feet, and there is purpose and passion in every step. The softness in His eyes beckons my soul, and the melody of the music stirs my heart. As He approaches me the breath of His Presence is sweet and intoxicating, and I am in awe that He has chosen me – the least of these!

He extends His strong yet comforting hand, and without a word I grab a hold. As we embrace I feel the warmth of His being, and I am keenly aware that I am His. As I begin following His lead I am completely unrestrained, and with every step I become more like Him. He twirls me around the dance floor to the music of the “waltz”, and “Ahh” how He delights in me. As His hand is nestled in the small of my back, His strength and grace uphold me. He is the most amazing dancer, and I am the beauty of the ball in His arms. It is the first time in my life I am not on the side I am on the floor and my heart alive.

As my ears hear the music fading, my heart longs for more; I do not want this dance to end. Not now – Not ever! Then suddenly He draws me close, twirls me out, twirls me in, dips me back, and brings me close to His heart again. Without a sound He knows my every thought, my every fear, my greatest desires, and my every wound. Just one encounter with Him has brought healing to my brokenness, set my feet to dancing, and enticed my heart to more. I am completely abandoned. Freedom is on the horizon!

This is to be ALIVE and BEAUTIFUL! This is true romance. Priceless jewels have been buried within the depths of my soul, and at last my lover is removing the veil. After encountering My King and My Prince – One dance simply will not do. There is nothing greater, and I must have more, more of HIM. I have believed the lies for far too long, and it is time to come out of hiding. It is time to step into everything I have desired and everything for which I have been called. It is time to be free. And in His arms alone, I shall dance my way there. “For I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.”

Breathless and tearful I opened my eyes and rose up from my living room floor. Desperate for an encounter with My Savior, it was there, that I had hit my knees only moments ago. “What in the world was that?” I thought to myself. What had I just experienced? “Was that real?” I thought back to my high school years, and the Friday night dances. I remembered the anticipation and the longing for just one invitation to dance, just one to delight in me. Yet no one ever came – Never! For a young innocent searching heart this was a deep wound that I buried and tried to forget. But in reality it would color and shape every decision I would make. So right there, smack in the middle, of my deepest longing and greatest brokenness HE CAME FOR ME. And I heard Himsay, “After 35 years of never really living, it is time for you to LIVE. Living is in the dance. I have come for you, My Darling, now Dance with ME, Ashley!”

The dance is not just a “one time” thing. Dancing into freedom is daily, personal, and one step at a time. Make yourself available for His invitation is continual. Grab a hold to His Hand for it is already extended. Trust that His heart towards you is good for He delights in you. Then let the music play, and follow His lead one step at a time ——–straight into FREEDOM.

Listen…….HE is calling ………..

”Come My Darling, Dance with ME- again and again and again!”


  1. Susan

    What an awe-inspiring love story that illuminates the intense passion my King has to dance me! I’m so glad I stumbled across this! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Ashley

      Thank you so much Susan for your words of sweet encouragement. I am glad you stumbled here too.


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