This. Happened. WOW.

This. Happened. WOW.

Tears streaming. Heart yearning. I pined for understanding. Then – this happened – WOW! Standing in a room filled with two thousand people, I heard, “The very thing you were created for is the very thing the enemy has tirelessly come after!” Wait – What? “You were created to inhabit your beauty then offer it to others and your beauty is what the enemy from day one has attempted to vandalize.” I was speechless. I jotted these sentences down.

Hours before I wanted to catch a flight home and now this. WOW! I signed up for this event, “Restoration of the Heart”, five months ago. I did not know how full my schedule would be and I did not know I would have an empty heart. I prayed continuously if I should cancel (and there were many reason to do so), but the answer was always – no. The day of travel came with many unexpected turns, roadblocks, delayed flights, and heart breaking news. I had to fight harder than usual not to throw my hands up, make an excuse, and hi-tail it back to my comfortable place. I was tired. I missed my husband and kiddos. My hormones were beyond wacked. The tug of war was significant and I called in my prayer warriors to pray for me. I knew more was happening than what my eyes could see. Yet I was weary. The enemy despised me moving towards Jesus and he pulled out all stops. He hates growth, healing, revelation, truth, redemption, and wholeness, and he hates restoration! I had to fight to get there. I had to fight to stay there. And I had to fight to receive what God my Father had for me —- and fight I did. I would call that “a good fight”!

In my hotel room later that night I laid these profound sentences, from earlier, out before the Lord. I asked Jesus for deeper revelation and understanding. In His loving kindness He poured out truth and began restoring my soul.

WOW – I would like to share a snippet:

We are born with God-given gifts, talents, dreams, and passions. The enemy knows how effective we will be for the Kingdom of light if we have our hearts restored and begin to live from our hearts alive. Therefore, he comes on the scene of our lives early with lies, disappointments, distractions, violations, heartbreaks, and manipulation. Sometimes it is subtle. Other times it is violently blatant. Regardless, we are all far from Eden and we are not yet who we are called to be. Our wounds distort the truth of our worth and we attempt to make sense of life through our broken lenses. The enemy comes to the very specific places where we behold our greatest beauty, passion, giftedness, and glory.

The very thing we long to offer is often the very thing we struggle with freeing ourselves from.

Does that make sense? Please stay with me – this is HUGE! Here is a personal example to help bring clarity: I desire deeply to educate, empower, and encourage women to discover their value, inhabit their beauty, and live confident, healthy, alive, and free. YET — these are the very things the enemy came to steal from me at a very young age (and he still comes). He came yesterday on my way to the conference. He was attempting to steal my confidence, kill my desires, and destroy the beauty I have begun to step into. How could I possibly teach women about inhabiting their true beauty when I believed I had no beauty of my own to offer? BINGO!

My life was altered drastically when I encountered Jesus Christ in an intimate and personal way at the age of 33. I had known Him almost all my life, but He seemed far from my reach. Yet this day He came for my heart. I received His love and allowed His truth to become my compass. It has been a dance of surrendering and grabbing hold. I have discovered along the way I do have a unique beauty to offer and I am of great value. It’s a process, a fight, a re-writing of my story. And as I continue in my quest for wholeness and holiness, He restores my soul. He revives my heart. He ignites my passions. He awakens my dreams. He heals my brokenness. He bestows my beauty. He offers me life. This is what I long for. This is Beauty fully ALIVE!

My mission and the purpose of BeautyfullyALIVE.com women’s retreat is to take the hands of other women and lead them to experience the same freedom transformation. I use my experiences, knowledge of healthy holy living and love for God and His word to usher women into the most beautiful dance of their lives. I am fiercely devoted to educating, empowering, and encouraging women to discover their value, inhabit their beauty, and live confident, healthy, alive, and free. You are His sunshine! Your heart matters! You are beautiful!


Beauty fully ALIVE” women’s retreat is taking place April 8-10 (in just four weeks- EEK!). It is an invitation to MORE! Not a selfish more. A holy more! More growth. More wholeness. More healing. More truth. More restoration. More redemption. More purpose. More dreams. More validation. More beauty. For all the details, list of guest speakers, cost, and registration – CLICK HERE NOW! Oh and please know – the enemy will not let you come to this event easily! You will have to be intentional! You will have to fight for freedom. BUT IT is WORTH IT! Together we will RISE!

Space is limited!





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