Transform Yourself to be Fully Present, Alive, and Free

Do you know you have a unique beauty to offer the world?

It starts with loving yourself!

When you begin to love and nourish yourself and do the deep inner healing work (which is the hardest and yet most meaningful work you will ever do!), the outer transformation begins to flow and follow!

The inner work is often the last resort when it should be the first. It’s so much easier for you to read a self-help book and then try to apply the new principals to your daily life. Right? But does it ever really make a lasting impact? (Sometimes, maybe?)

However, when obstacles come and triggers are set off, it is “the inside” of you that reacts, feels, shuts down, and/or explodes. However, we quickly stuff our emotions down and pretend all is good because we have to function in the real world, right? 

Have you ever felt…

“Something is wrong with me.” “Nothing ever works out for me.” “No one cares.” “Why can’t I get passed this and just let it go!”

Well listen up sister; you are not alone. The enemy would love to make you feel isolated in your struggle, BUT YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

This is quite common and it’s a tactic from the one who hates to see you free. If he (the “father of lies”) can keep you bound, then your true beauty will never be unveiled and offered to the world.

Another hindrance is your subconscious limiting beliefs. They have kept you stuck in a shame cycle and bound you to believe lies about yourself that are no longer serving you well in this new season God is bringing you into. 

Life is too short to not experience freedom. And the world needs your heart fully alive, fully engaged, fully present, and fully free. Do you know what it’s like to live awakened, authentic, brave, and free? 

Are you ready to stop believing the lies about yourself and start waking up, rising up, and showing up to be the woman you were created to be? 

Are you ready to begin living from the inside-out and start moving from:

  • duty to delight!!
  • belittling to boldness!!
  • hiding to healing!!
  • performance to presence!!
  • manipulating to mindfulness!!
  • codependent to co-heir!!
  • unworthy to unique!!
  • lack to lavish!!
  • not enough to nourished!!
  • fear to faith!!
  • inadequate to irreplaceable!!
  • hell to hope!!!

Listen beautiful one, the above is possible because your Creator is a God of abundance and you have been sourced with everything you need to live life to the fullness of measure.

Remember in John 10:10 “……..HE came to give life …….and life ABUNDANTLY!”

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. RIGHT NOW. IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT! You have a unique beauty this world needs. 

Lean into HIS truth. You are seen, known, heard and loved. Rest under His banner of love over your life. It’s never too late to believe TRUTH! 

Oh, may this truth move from your head to your heart today- right now. 

If this stirs your heart, come join me on my journey to uncovering and embracing my truest self so I can experience more inner-healing and become whole, holy, alive, and free.


My new 6-week online program “Fully Alive” is a shame-free journey. I am taking women on to begin living awakened, authentic, brave, and free. And it is opening soon. 

Click the link here to get details as soon as they are released and to get on the waitlist.

Because you are significant and you are worth it.

PS. Also going “live” in the next 2 weeks is my NEW FREEBIE: “10 Tools To Use When Triggered”! You do not want to miss this jewel I created just for you. It will help you begin the healing and wholeness journey through cultivating awareness and acceptance and will teach you how to start purposing your pain. If you sign up to get weekly encouragement from me, you will get it straight to your inbox as soon as it’s available.

You were created to shine. So let’s journey together and begin loving and nourishing our hearts along the way.




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