Why Change?

Why Change?

Change is on the horizon yet my heart is resistant – “why change”? I am too busy, and it is the last thing I feel like doing. However, it’s the most needed. Why can’t I see it clearly? Distracted with life’s curve balls, children, family, business adventures, and many “good things” I am tempted to hang onto the threads of lies. Their familiarity brings false comfort and part of me likes it – so I think. God is calling me to more change, yet my wondering mind is tempted to hide and remain busy. Excuses mount. Rebellion rises. Lies lurk. Stubbornness surmounts. There is a thickness in the air of change, and I must choose to push through the unknown, rise up,  and trust the One leading me out. It’s my choice.

In the midst of my chaos and questions I sense more nudging. I must obey. I stop, wait, and listen; and there in the stillness. His grace abounds. His love draws me out, and His light begins to penetrate the shattered fearful places within. His change for me is not to take away but to give more. His change is only an agent to usher me into more wholeness, freedom, and sweetness. He see’s my desperate need. Why can’t I? Why do I resist? What the enemy means for harm, numbness, and destruction God is using for His glory, restoration, and new life.

Although change is hard, it’s the fear of change that holds me captive. When I began viewing change as “a new frontier”, and began asking God, “what He is up to in the midst of this new frontier” – my perspective starts to change. My fear of change is losing its grip; not because I like change, but because I trust the One who has gone before me. I am not trusting the air, nor is my life up to chance – NO, I know the One who is leading me onward, upward, and into more. He is on the front lines of my life’s story. He is in the details, and He is in the change.

As I invite Him in and give Him full access to my heart, He is removes the layers one by one and calls me forward from glory to glory. If I never changed I would become stale, stagnant, stubborn, and calloused. But He longs for more for his daughter. He pursues my heart relentlessly. He desires for my heart, mind, body, and soul to be renewed, alive, obedient, awakened, and restored. He desires for me to become more like Him with every ounce of change that comes my way.  And I am not alone.

More change. More like Jesus — What a beautiful change that is!





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