Let’s Be Friends

Hi! I’m Ashley White. Nice to meet you.

You know the feeling when you are getting ready in the morning and your favorite jeans are too tight. You sigh, “How did I put this weight back on?” You grab your “stretchy yoga pants” or your “elastic swagger sweats” slap them on with a stylish oversized shirt and out the door you go. Your heart sinks. Discouragement ignites. You dream of soon weighing less, fitting comfortably into your skinny clothes, balancing your busyness, having more energy, feeling excited about life again, eating healthier, getting it together, and no longer allowing your emotions to drive you to indulge in another bag of potato chips.

Congratulations! I’m here to help make that possible for you.

I believe every woman should live a life that unveils her TRUEST self. Hidden within every woman is a unique, beautiful, desirable, and fiercely fabulous healthy girl waiting to be revealed. By taking the hands of women I guide them in unveiling their worth, cultivating their beauty, and discovering food and lifestyle choices that best support them. I don’t offer a diet plan. I teach lifestyle transformation. Every woman deserves to be educated and encouraged to LIVE WHOLE – nourished, balanced, and free. It is a dance to freedom. One life. One body. One step at a time. Are you ready to BLOOM?

There was a time in my life when I felt like I needed to lose weight to be beautiful and fabulously fierce. I would cry myself to sleep praying the next best diet would be my answer and then I would be lovely, desirable, and chosen.

I have battled with food and insecurities over half of my life. I have been on over 40 failed diets and had nothing to show for it but stressed adrenals, stretch marks, anxiety, and tight jeans.

I searched desperately for love, acceptance, self-worth, and approval based on the numbers on a scale and the size of my pants. I would do great for a week then “fall off the wagon”. This was a familiar patter, which left me feeling like a failure so I sought comfort in a bag of Doritos. The diet cycle was continuous and I felt hopeless. Every failed attempt confirmed my thoughts – “Who cares?” “Why bother?” “You can’t do this?” “Your thighs will always touch.” “You will never be free from this battle.”

Then I figured out a secret that changed everything. And the weight fell off.


You see, most women hate their bodies, hate their appetites, and are waiting to live life until they look a certain way. The longer you wait the more discouraged you become and when you are discouraged the donuts become your new best friend. What if I could start loving myself right now –today – flabby arms and all? What if I could begin to appreciate my body as a beautiful vessel for God to dwell and receive the truth that I am fearfully and wonderfully made – dimples and all? What if I could begin to give God an opportunity to fill my cravings and emptiness with His love and goodness instead of a bag of chips or chocolate kisses?

My inappropriate relationship with food is what Satan used to draw my heart away from God. I did not see indulging in food or choosing it for comfort as an issue. I mean – I was not doing drugs. However, I was relying on food rather than God and stuffing my face to stuff my emotions and the weight crept on physically and emotionally. I thought all I wanted was to be thinner. But actually what I really wanted was to be loved and love myself the size I was. Yes my goal is to be healthy, fit, and a size I am comfortable with; but being skinny is not going to necessarily make me feel happy, successful, and loved. I discovered when His love pours in I am full and I no longer need to fill up on food to feel satisfied. The extra pounds of stress, emotions, and fat fall off as my heart fills up.

Are you ready to become the Best version of you? Are you ready to Get Healthy with MeGO!

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