Bride of the King

Chains of bondage wrapped so tight

One mistake after another, every day and night

Who had I become, and was there any end

To the misery, pain, and bondage I was living in

My truth had been distorted, and my heart stripped away

Would I always feel this worthless and picked “over” day by day?

I continued to give what I had, thinking surely one would see

I was worth something, and one would give back to me

But how could I give away, what I did not contain

How could I freely love, when all I felt was shame

If only I could stop this ride and start all over again

I would do things different, and not heap sin upon sin

Please, someone, tell me, there is something more

Tell me there is “light” behind these dark and heavy doors

Am I only fooling myself, and this is “just the way it is”?

For me to live behind the mask with my chains and my mess

And then, one day the WORDS came to me

It is “’I’ that you need, take My hand, I’ll set you free”

Who me? The broken one, rejected, scarred, and shamed

Yes, you! My chosen one, now let Me have your chains

If you will put your hand in Mine, and receive my glorious call

I will take you down the road less traveled and restore it to you all

Where ashes once were heaped, only beauty will reside

More beautiful than ever the Kinsman Redeemer’s Bride

There is nothing in your past or present to keep us apart

I pour upon you my anointing and redeem your broken heart

I will put joy in your heart and give you a garment of praise

And display you for My splendor for the rest of your days

The Bride of the Prince of Peace, the beautiful Bride of the King

You will wear My Robe of Righteousness, and I will wear all other things

I have redeemed you, restored you, and set you free

Now “reach out”, take My hand, and dance in liberty

You are My Darling Daughter, only fit for a King

Now live like you believe Me, and I will bless you beyond your dreams

I am not asking you to do it alone, just seek Me with all your heart

I am your Kinsman Redeemer, and I will do your part

I have covered you with My blood, and washed you white as snow.

You were bought with My Life, now you are radiant with My Glow

My faithful promises are your armor, so sore on eagle’s wings You are Redeemed and Restored; you are the BRIDE OF THE KING!

Goodbyes are the worst!

You’d think they would get easier, but they don’t. My heart sinks fighting back the reality of our departure as I desperately attempt to hold back the tears. When did she grow up? It seems just yesterday she would whistle her way into my room eager to “borrow” a few of my clothes. But today as I kiss her rosy cheeks and hug her ever so tightly, the good-bye hits hard. She’s a woman. She is a beautiful, Jesus loving, heart wide-open woman. I miss her more than the weight of these words could ever describe. Tears escape rolling onto the notepad as I type. I must let my heart feel the ache of this vacancy. I will no longer push it down and hide it with busyness. I must “stay WITH” God here (right now) in this uncomfortableness and invite Him into the tender places where a piece of my heart lives outside of me. I must allow Him to usher in more truth, more healing and more life. He alone is my comforter. And in the stillness, I can hear Him. In the stillness, He restores my soul. In the stillness, I am able to trust HIM more and more. 

HE has my baby girl. He loves her more than I do. I don’t know how that is possible, but it is. As much as I want a “total do-over” and more time before this new phase,  I love watching her grow and mature and become her truest self. She is so radiant, honest, and a lover of God and others. She is full of dreams, passions, and life. Her options are endless and her God is the giver of LIFE. Every day is a new opportunity and she is expectant and confident in God’s goodness. My tears flow through the sadness of our departure, but also through great joy in watching her soar (especially when she doesn’t even know she is soaring). 

I choose to initiate her into womanhood and celebrate her new journey. It is her time to fly and I will not clip her wings, nor hold her back. I will bless her and cheer her on, trusting her heart is held by OUR GOD.

PS. I wrote this several years ago and wanted to share with all the moms who are sending their precious ones into a new season TO FLY. They need you to cheer them on and not hold them back. They need you to bless and release them, not hover and smother. God’s got them! And He has got you too.

The Stunning Breathtaking “Tapestry of Love”

“I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything, there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ, God’s great mystery. All the richest treasures of wisdom and knowledge are embedded in that mystery and nowhere else. And we’ve been shown the mystery!“ (Colossians 2:2-3)

This truth stuns me. Without intentionality, I have spent years of my life searching for love, acceptance, and approval. My self-confidence was on a lifetime sabbatical and real rest was a far off fairy tale.

However, woven into the intricate fabric of my DNA a core need for meaningful relationships exists. I believed “it was up to me” to make that happen. For example —-I believed if I had “the guy” then I was loved. Yet incompleteness haunted my soul. Nothing quite measured up. THEN something drastic happened. I experienced the love of God. I did not just hear a lot of facts about Him and check off my church box once a week; NO. I opened up my restless “do it yourself” heart and invited this “Source of Love” into my world. He was already reaching for me and this time I grabbed hold.

To look back now and see the stunning breathtaking “tapestry of love” He has woven through my life is PROFOUND! To be truly loved without arranging it- WOW! To be confident and clearly see my confidence has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him- WOW! To experience real “rest”; not “take a nap” rest, but a restful heart in the middle of my chaos- WOW! And, for the first time, to feel complete – in Him- WOW WOW! It is truly a mystery. And it is wildly beautiful. He unveils my true beauty- from the inside – out. He sets me in relationships with profound belonging. He awakens, heals, and frees my heart to live Fully Alive.

When we are woven into something it becomes the very fabric of our being. How awesome is that?

This is not just for me. This is for you too. Will you allow His love to be woven into the tapestry of your life? His love has no limits. You just have to receive it. Then your mind will be confident, at rest, and focused on Christ.

Hallelujah Darling Friend- you are so LOVED!

How to Birth Something New

Birthing pains are brutal. Actually, the word “brutal” does not even do them justice. Horrific!? Maybe? However, it is a squeezing, contracting, squeezing, contracting and pushing-pushing-pushing like none other. It is intense and it is life or death. And on the other side of the excruciating pain, something beyond description and yet profoundly amazing is born. NEW LIFE! Wild. Glorious. New life.

I believe God is spiritually birthing something new in the earth through women RIGHT NOW. And I believe it is time for women to wake up, rise-up, and stop playing small!!


  • We are all wounded and healing is our inheritance. 
  • Healing is experienced physically, spiritually, emotionally, & mentally.  AND ALL ARE CRUCIAL. 
  • The pain and squeezing you are feeling is producing new life.
  • You have everything you need living within you to heal and cultivate wholeness because the resurrection power of Jesus lives on the inside of you.
  • Speaking the truth even when it’s hard is liberating. 
  • Showing up for yourself daily is a game-changer. 
  • It’s time to stop ignoring our longing to be seen and heard and start living brave and fierce. 
  • Your story is a treasure waiting to be read in the light of truth.
  • Your biggest failures can be seeds of growth if you choose to plant them and stop shutting down when hard things happen.  
  • The real you is waiting to be uncovered, embraced, loved, and released. 
  • It is time to stop playing SMALL and hiding in the corner of shame and doubt and start living – awakened, authentic, connected, confident, & free. 

Do you agree?

Can I get a HALLELUJAH! 


As a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, I have helped countless women get physically healthy over the years. However, when I experienced 4 major life happenings: divorce, chronic fatigue, the loss of my dad, and the loss of my children’s father, I knew that true healing had to include more than just the physical aspects I had been focusing on. As God walked me through my own healing (mind, body, and spirit), I learned the importance of looking at the whole woman (mind, body, and spirit).  So, my mission shifted and began to encompass far more than only external health. God placed a fire in my heart to help women stop believing the lies that hold them back and start uncovering and embracing their truest self so they can live life awakened, connected, confident, and free. As a coach of many years, my heart’s deepest desire is to see women awaken and rise- up to live as God meant for them to live…mind, body, and spirit.

The process of healing and wholeness has been one of the most difficult and yet most meaningful journey’s I have ever taken and the pains of birthing new life have been worth every single obstacle and ache. My personal journey has ushered in so much new understanding and compassion and has lead me to LOVE even more deeply:

  • Connecting with women in the stories.
  • Creating a safe community for women to be seen and heard. 
  • Helping women discover their hidden wounds, limiting beliefs, and unconscious vows. 
  • Inspiring women to cultivate wholeness so they can heal and live awakened, connected, confident, & free. 
  • Empowering women to wake up, rise-up, and show up for themselves. 
  • Watching women stop believing the lies about themselves and start embracing who they were meant to be. 

COME JOIN ME HERE AND PIECE BY PIECE we will allow the love of God to recover and restore what has been stolen, so together we birth new life into the earth.  Are ready to live fully alive and birth the dreams God has placed in you?

Click HERE to get the details about “Fully Alive” my new Signature 6-week course create to help you become the woman God created you to be: connected, secure, free, and awakened! 

CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR COPY OF MY FREE PDF, “10 Tools to Use When Triggered.” This is a game-changer tool you can use when you feel triggered. It will help you pause and deeply asses what is really going on.

Join me LIVE HERE on my FB page on Tuesday at 2:00 (CST) where I will be sharing more of my personal journey to healing and wholeness.

Hey There Beautiful Lady!

Hey there beautiful lady

Hey there beautiful lady,

I’m Ashley! If you are new here, let me introduce myself. 

I love Jesus, my family, morning mediations & prayer, sunsets, horseback riding, all things Tallulah (my fur baby), Mexican dominos, face to face conversations, dancing, dinner dates with my hubby, dinner gatherings at my home, and chips and salsa. I also love seeing women experience restoration, wholeness, and freedom because I have. 

I have dealt with chronic fatigue, mercury poison, divorce, death of my father, the death of my children’s father, and many other brutal blows. I have kept silent most of my life hiding in a corner of fear and shame. I believed for many years I was “not enough”, had nothing of value to offer, no one cared, and I was insignificant. However, hard blows of pain have a brilliant way of shining light into our deepest darkness. And that is exactly what happened to me.

Let me share a little piece of my PERSONAL STORY with you “AGAIN”, where light penetrated the darkness and my deep spiritual healing began: 

When I was going through my divorce many years ago my emotions had a chock hold on me accompanied by cloaks of shame. I was depressed, sad, broken-hearted, overwhelmed, and alone. Even though I had a loving family and two small children. My subconscious kept whispering “See, no one cares. No one loves you. You are too messed up. You really are all alone.” 

I felt abandoned, unworthy, shameful, and unseen! Something must be “wrong with me”! 

It was a whirlwind. A place I would have never dreamed I would be and I BEGGED GOD TO DIE! 

BUT GOD! He had a greater plan. 

One night at a concert at my church, I knelt at my pew. Tears were streaming down my face and I was begging the Lord to take me out of this world. It was just too painful. All of a sudden I heard a voice saying, “Ashley, I Am right here. There is work to do.” I looked up thinking surely everyone could hear it. But nope, they were all still worshipping. 

My heart was beating so fast and my tears slowing stopped. I had heard the voice of MY CREATOR. And He called my name. He saw me. He was with me. He had a plan for me. He believed in me. I was safe and He was not ashamed of me. 

This was a lightning bolt moment in my journey to healing and wholeness. This was only the beginning. It was an invitation to more. And I accepted it. 

I have spent the last 2 decades deep diving into my heart and soul and experiencing real healing. It has been transformational. I can see clearly now how the pain had tremendous purpose and I am so grateful for the process.




PS. Click here to get the details about “Fully Alive” my new Signature 6-week course that was created to help you become the woman God created you to be: connected, secure, free, and awakened! 

PSS. Join me LIVE here on my FB page on Tuesday at 2:00(CST) where I will be sharing more of my personal journey to healing and wholeness.

PIECE BY PIECE we will allow the love of God to recover and restore what has been stolen, so together we can begin living Fully Alive.

Transform Yourself to be Fully Present, Alive, and Free

Do you know you have a unique beauty to offer the world?

It starts with loving yourself!

When you begin to love and nourish yourself and do the deep inner healing work (which is the hardest and yet most meaningful work you will ever do!), the outer transformation begins to flow and follow!

The inner work is often the last resort when it should be the first. It’s so much easier for you to read a self-help book and then try to apply the new principals to your daily life. Right? But does it ever really make a lasting impact? (Sometimes, maybe?)

However, when obstacles come and triggers are set off, it is “the inside” of you that reacts, feels, shuts down, and/or explodes. However, we quickly stuff our emotions down and pretend all is good because we have to function in the real world, right? 

Have you ever felt…

“Something is wrong with me.” “Nothing ever works out for me.” “No one cares.” “Why can’t I get passed this and just let it go!”

Well listen up sister; you are not alone. The enemy would love to make you feel isolated in your struggle, BUT YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

This is quite common and it’s a tactic from the one who hates to see you free. If he (the “father of lies”) can keep you bound, then your true beauty will never be unveiled and offered to the world.

Another hindrance is your subconscious limiting beliefs. They have kept you stuck in a shame cycle and bound you to believe lies about yourself that are no longer serving you well in this new season God is bringing you into. 

Life is too short to not experience freedom. And the world needs your heart fully alive, fully engaged, fully present, and fully free. Do you know what it’s like to live awakened, authentic, brave, and free? 

Are you ready to stop believing the lies about yourself and start waking up, rising up, and showing up to be the woman you were created to be? 

Are you ready to begin living from the inside-out and start moving from:

  • duty to delight!!
  • belittling to boldness!!
  • hiding to healing!!
  • performance to presence!!
  • manipulating to mindfulness!!
  • codependent to co-heir!!
  • unworthy to unique!!
  • lack to lavish!!
  • not enough to nourished!!
  • fear to faith!!
  • inadequate to irreplaceable!!
  • hell to hope!!!

Listen beautiful one, the above is possible because your Creator is a God of abundance and you have been sourced with everything you need to live life to the fullness of measure.

Remember in John 10:10 “……..HE came to give life …….and life ABUNDANTLY!”

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. RIGHT NOW. IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT! You have a unique beauty this world needs. 

Lean into HIS truth. You are seen, known, heard and loved. Rest under His banner of love over your life. It’s never too late to believe TRUTH! 

Oh, may this truth move from your head to your heart today- right now. 

If this stirs your heart, come join me on my journey to uncovering and embracing my truest self so I can experience more inner-healing and become whole, holy, alive, and free.


My new 6-week online program “Fully Alive” is a shame-free journey. I am taking women on to begin living awakened, authentic, brave, and free. And it is opening soon. 

Click the link here to get details as soon as they are released and to get on the waitlist.

Because you are significant and you are worth it.

PS. Also going “live” in the next 2 weeks is my NEW FREEBIE: “10 Tools To Use When Triggered”! You do not want to miss this jewel I created just for you. It will help you begin the healing and wholeness journey through cultivating awareness and acceptance and will teach you how to start purposing your pain. If you sign up to get weekly encouragement from me, you will get it straight to your inbox as soon as it’s available.

You were created to shine. So let’s journey together and begin loving and nourishing our hearts along the way.




How to Move Beyond False Guilt

How to Move Beyond False Guilt

The guilt of leaving my husband and flying across the country to spend a week nurturing my mind, body, and spirit seemed selfish. I had planned this trip months prior and I was stoked about it. However, as the day drew near to depart, my mind kept whispering…

“Back out.”

“You don’t deserve this.”

“You should spend that money on something more important.”

“Why are you so selfish?”

These whispers came from all directions, yet no one was voicing them out loud. Even my husband was super supportive of me going. So, what was up with the heavy cloak of guilt? The day before I left, I took some intentional quiet time, and began journaling. I wrote this question at the top of my page, “Why false guilt?”, and then I asked My Creator to speak his truth and show me where this guilt was coming from. And then, I listened!

The first thing I heard was, “You KNOW you are worth it, but you don’t BELIEVE it!”  I pondered those words for a moment and tears began streaming down my face. I knew I was worth it, but something still deep within me did not believe I was worth taking the time to take care of myself.  I realized at that moment that taking care of everyone else was easier, validating, and applauding – right? I felt good about myself when I was helping others, doing for others, and taking care of others needs, and yet when I began taking care of my own ——— GUILT WOULD BEAT THE DOOR DOWN SCREAMING “YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT. YOU ARE SELFISH!”. 

You know the guilt for putting yourself first – right? Think about anything you have done for yourself lately to nourish your heart, mind, body, and spirit. 

Did you hear any whispers saying…

  • You should not spend this money on yourself. 
  • You shouldn’t be away from your family.
  • You should be working, giving, helping, & doing for others.
  • You are not worth this.
  • Who do you think you are?
  • This is selfish! You are selfish!

Why do we know (with our heads) we are worth taking care of and yet still secretly believe (with our hearts) that we are not?

God’s Word says: in Matthew 22:37-39 “Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.”

Love your neighbor as yourself! AS YOURSELF!? How are you loving yourself? It is this last little nugget that we easily miss. And I believe this is one of the biggest nets the enemy traps God’s daughters in. Therefore, we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off serving-serving-serving, doing-doing-doing, and helping-helping-helping. And yes, these are all “good things”, but we are missing the gold. 

We are great at loving others and terrible at loving ourselves. We know we are worthy, but we don’t fully believe it. This lie quietly disconnects us from the truth and allows us to settle for the instant gratification of helping others rather than taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The waves of guilt and “selfless” living are consuming us and yet we still silently long for deep connection and nourishment —  because we are made for it.

CAN YOU RELATE? Have you ever felt guilty for nourishing yourself?

Well, it is time my beautiful friend to cut the nets and break free of the false guilt! 

It is time to take off the cloak of lies and be lavished in the wild love of God. And in this lavishing, a whole new journey of loving yourself the way your Creator loves you awaits. 

You see, I know! Because I have experienced it. By taking this trip, I showed up for myself and I received way more than I paid for. My mind, body, and spirit were nourished and the week was truly life-changing. But it took me choosing to take off the false cloak of guilt and say yes to what more God had for me.  It took me saying yes to me. I would have missed so much if I would’ve stayed stuck in the false guilt. 

Are you ready to say yes to you? It does not have to be an out of town event.

In my new 6-week Online Program, “Fully Alive” – Living the Authentic Awakened Life! I am coming alongside heart-centered women, to help them uncover and embrace their truest selves while radically accepting and loving themselves in the process. It is a beautiful journey to wholeness – physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Are you ready to just be yourself? Do you even know her? What does it look like for you to love yourself and radically accept who you are? Are you ready to show up for yourself and remove the false cloak of guilt? 




Use your Pain Purposefully

Use your pain purposefully

A few years ago, my husband and I got into a “heated discussion” and my opinion and concerns seemed to not matter. At the moment, I felt invisible and overlooked. If I were to be completely honest I would have to say I was mad, hurt, and I even cried. However, once the tears started, I felt insecure and even more frustrated, so I went into productivity mode and starting cleaning my closet while pushing down the sting of pain. Productivity used to make me feel better. But this night it was different. I had been on my healing journey long enough to know the power of pain and this was a golden opportunity.

So, I pushed pause in my mind and brought awareness to what was truly going on in my internal world. I sensed this had little to do with the “heated discussion,” but more so to do with something operating inside my unconsciousness. Then, I accepted where I was in that present moment, (mad, frustrated, hurt) because I knew this piece of pain was purposeful and I had a choice to make.  So, then I asked the question, “What is this pain revealing in my heart? What is the root of this feeling? “Show me, God!”.  

And in the stillness, I suddenly remembered standing on the middle school playground in a circle. There were two team captains and each were picking teams to play kickball. The circle slowly became two distinct lines until only one person was left. And that one person was me and I was dying on the inside. My thoughts swirled within as I fought back tears, “Was I that bad? Why didn’t anyone want me? What was wrong with me?”. It was as if I was invisible. Not seen. Or seen, yet not good enough to be chosen. My little heart shattered!

It was in that moment I subconsciously made a vow, “Fine, I’ll show them; I’ll figure out how to be what they will like; I’ll never let them not want to choose me again.” This was the beginning of a long road producing my worth and people pleasing to get approval. And living from the neck up began, which I call “head-living.” I shut down my heart, took a few steps away from my truest self and built a false façade, then I began living behind the mask. The mask of productivity, people pleasing, selflessness, purchasing my worth, and so much more. What do I need to “do” for others so I can be worthy? What do I need to do to be chosen? 

THE TRUTH GOD REVEALED: I believed I had to “do” to “be”. I believed I had to produce something of worth to be worthy.  It was a lie and I lived under the spell of it for most of my life. It was not until I learned about my wounds, their messages, my subconscious vows, and how to renounce them that the mask began falling off. This piece of my healing journey was crucial in uncovering and embracing my truest self. What I discovered was my pain had a powerful purpose! And my pain was an asset to more healing. You see, yes, my argument with my husband was hurtful. However, instead of running from what I was feeling, I ran into it. And inside that pain was a golden gateway to the root of an old wound that God wanted to heal. 

HEAR ME BEAUTIFUL ONE! It is time for you to rise up, stop pushing down your pain with productivity and people pleasing, and start being present in your pain so you can heal. Your pain can be a beautiful asset to reveal golden nuggets of limiting mindsets and unconscious vows. It can be a powerful tool to opening a door to more healing and wholeness that God has available for you. Your pain will not consume you if you feel it. You will be okay. It is worth it my friend. YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

As women, one of our biggest struggles is not being enough! 

  • Not pretty enough
  • Not smart enough
  • Not skinny enough
  • Not good enough

Have you ever felt not enough? 

Do these feelings subconsciously dictate your life?

Have you ever asked when and where did this belief start? 

Have you ever asked for God to reveal the lie and speak His truth?


Are you ready to stop producing, purchasing, and people pleasing to obtain your worth? Click here to watch my IGTV story on this very topic. Click here and get on the waitlist for my new 6-week online program “Fully Alive”. 


  • Connect with women in their stories. 
  • Be seen and heard in a safe space
  • Purpose your pain.
  • Experience healing and cultivate wholeness.
  • Uncover and embrace your truest self so you can live awakened and authentic and fully alive, free! 


How Do You See Yourself?

I have lived most of my life asleep to myself, sleeping and hiding on a mat of fear, shame, people-pleasing, powerlessness, and insecurity continuously feeling overlooked and alone. So, when I read the story in John 5 of the “man on the mat”, I easily related. 

You see – for 38 years this man laid on his mat of brokenness, doubt, insecurity, shame, and powerlessness. He was overlooked daily and these continuous experiences caused him to believe there was nothing different, no way to change, no hope, no one to help him, and no way out of his crippling situation. He blamed everyone around him for his stagnant life. Yet he got comfortable in his desert and he hid his heart from himself. 

His inner negative thoughts ruled his outer world until one day an opportunity came and he had a choice to “do something different”. Jesus stepped onto the pages of his lies, saw him in his brokenness, and called him up and out of hiding. 

“So Jesus said to him, ‘Do you truly long to be healed?’………..Stand up! Pick up your sleeping mat and you will walk!’.

“Immediately he stood up- he was healed!” His heart awakened! Wow!  

You see, Jesus was asking this cripple man If was ready to abandon how HE SEES HIMSELF and now receive the faith for healing. Did he want to be made whole? Did he want to see himself differently? For him to become whole and healed he had to change his perception! He had to change his limiting beliefs and how he saw himself.

How we see ourselves is crucial and effects everything! 

When we feel overlooked it’s easy to see ourselves as inadequate, not good enough, not chosen, and even something must be wrong with me. These limiting beliefs will keep us on our mat of fear, doubt, and defeat. But we don’t have to stay there!

How do you see yourself today?

Do you feel overlooked and alone?

Are you ready to wake up, abandon how YOU SEE YOURSELF, stand up, and receive the faith for healing and wholeness? 

If you answered yes, I have GOOD NEWS for you.

Wholeness and healing is your inheritance.

Changing how you see yourself is possible! And I am proof!

Are you ready to become your truest self? Come join me and we will journey together!

I am creating a new 6-week online program where we will journey together to awaken your heart and discover and process the things that have kept you stuck. You will uncover hidden wounds, limiting beliefs, and unconscious vows. You will learn how to nourish, love, accept, and heal yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You will learn how to recognize your triggers and use them as golden gateways to more healing and up-leveling. You will have weekly teachings, meditations, assignments, live FB Q&A’s, and so much more.

Are you ready to experience healing and cultivate wholeness so you can live empowered and live your purpose with passion?

This healing journey will allow you to be seen and heard in a safe space, give you practical tools to live differently, teach you how to feel again, empower you to live from your heart and not just your head, and restore back to you what has been stolen so you can live fully alive and wildly free.

To be the first to get all the details go now and sign up!

What is Beauty Fully Alive?

What is Beauty Fully Alive?

Beauty Fully Alive is a dream God placed in my heart about 15 years ago. In 2016 this dream was birthed and the first Beauty Fully Alive Women’s retreat was launched. It was beyond my wildest dreams and God showed off. The retreat is a weekend for women who are hungry and thirsty for wholeness, holiness, and freedom to come away and pursue the heart of God, because He is pursing us.

What is Beauty? Every woman desires to be beautiful and feel beautiful. Beauty draws us. It captivates our gaze and stirs a hunger deep within. We see beauty in sunrises, vibrant sunsets, the new blooms of springtime flowers, the roaring ocean waters, the bride on her wedding day, the vibrant red of a new lipstick shade, the beautiful design of a cozy sweater, or even a fabulous pair of leather boots. Beauty is everywhere and it ushers in a stirring deep within our hearts, which many times we cannot articulate. Physical and earthly beauty reminds us of the beauty of God, our Creator, who made everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11a) Beauty is essential to God and therefore essential to our lives.


What is Fully? We live physically full, yet spiritually malnourished. We drink the torrent waters of the world, but thirst for the everlasting, quenching, abundant waters of God’s word. We eat, but we are famished! We rest but we are exhausted! We get up and give up. We splurge on social media and lack the fulfilling of God’s word. This is not “just the way it is”. This is not the end of your story. This is your beginning.  There is MORE! Jesus is calling, Arise my darling, beautiful one, and come away with me. Beauty Fully Alive is an invitation for you personally to satiate your appetite on the feasting of God’s word, to satisfy your true hunger pains, and nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul – from the inside out!

What is Alive? If you are breathing, you have been broken. We tend to let the bitterroot of brokenness dictate our lives. We vow to protect our hearts and play it safe.  We don’t take risks. We hide. We keep the rules and the score.  We don’t offer to others, and we dare not live or love with vulnerabilities. Therefore, we become numb to the desires, gifts, and longings God placed in us from the beginning. Basically, we learn to live with dead hearts.

This is not living ALIVE in Christ! God promised abundant life to those who believe. Jesus has MORE for us! When we daily walk with Him, encounter His love, and learn His truth, we then, experience healing and our hearts awaken to who we are called to be – whole and Holy. His love awakens our hearts; dead things come to life, and His glory is revealed.

Your heart fully ALIVE is Beauty Fully ALIVE! God’s beauty in you. Gods fullness in you. And His life alive in you. It starts on the inside and works its way outward.

Beauty Fully Alive is an invitation to more. It is a weekend for you to come away and replenish, re-nourish, and revive your heart!

Will you dare to answer His call, His personal invitation to MORE? Oh I hope to see you there.





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